Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What if I Stumble?

I know, I know…you aren’t supposed to brag on things you are good at.
Really who wants to hear someone go on and on about something they excel in?

Well can you humor me for a minute? 
Will you let me tell you about something I really think I could win a gold metal in?

Thank you so much!

Drum roll please…I think I can trump everyone in this special ability that I have…

Yes you heard that right!  I have the un-canning ability to fall UP stairs.

Over my lifetime I can only count two times that I have fallen down the stairs but I don’t have enough friends to use their fingers and toes to count the number of times I have fallen UP stairs.

Wouldn’t you know it that my bedroom is on the second level of our house so it has become a joke with my family when they hear the “thump, thump, THUD” as I ascend the staircase?  I can hear in the background the sighs and giggles as I straighten my hair and clothing.  Of course it is so common that all I get from them anymore is a flat “you ok?”

Psalm 37:23-24 tells us,
“The LORD directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Though they stumble, they will never fall,
For the LORD holds them by the hand.”

For a person that falls up stairs all the time, I find real comfort in this passage.  As long as I am walking towards God, He directs my path and every step.  Another thing I grasp onto is that it says, “though they stumble”.  It doesn’t say if they or they won’t really but says though they stumble and if you remember I think I’ve got that one down.

The picture in my thoughts is that of us traveling up towards God for God is high and lifted up. 
Also because scripture tells us He lifts us out of the pit. 

He lifted me out of the pit of despair,
Out of the mud and the mire.
He set my feet on solid ground
And steadied me as I walked along.
Psalm 40:2

Have you ever been stuck in mud and been freed from it?  Unless you were able to immediately remove the excess mud from your shoes you will be slipping all over the place.  God tells us in these two passages that  He will steady you as you walk by holding your hand.  What a comfort!

Although I am sure to fall going up actual stairs many more times in my life, I am also thankful that when I slip and stumble (which I will) in my walk towards God He will be there steadying me with His hand. 

What a better way to fall than into the HANDS OF GOD???

Stepping from the Shadows,


Monday, October 10, 2011

Holding Rocks

The glass front bookcase in my living room is the home of several items.  Among other things there is the trophy my husband’s grandfather won on a coon hunt, the felt hats my dad and his brother wore as small boys, frames filled with warm memories and a rock.

Yes a rock.

To those peering through the glass it looks just like a regular rock picked up from a riverbed.  However, smooth from jagged edges it sits on the shelf with lots of meaning to me and one other person.

Several years ago my friend Susie and I sat in my living room enjoying a face to face visit that we both knew would not happen again for a long time.  God had issued a call within which she and her husband had answered.  Within a few short weeks she would be packing up her families belongings and relocating to a foreign country to share God’s love to the people that called that land home.

As we talked I noticed she was holding on to something.  

Finally we began talking about her upcoming mission and training.  She told me that during preparation sessions one of the speakers told them that there would be times when things would seem overwhelming.  It would appear that a Goliath was on the battlefield with them and his shadow would seem to block out the sun.  He encouraged them to find a rock and to remember that Goliath is not bigger than that rock when God is on your side. 

After she shared this story with me she opened her hand.  Cradled in the palm of her hand was that rock.
As she caressed that round stone and tears brimmed her eyes, she told me that she would not be able to crate the rock but would rather leave it in my safe keeping.  As she handed me the rock, she said right now things are going great!  The impossible seems possible as we step out on this journey but like the speaker said there will be times on the horizon that difficulties will overshadow us.  Times when we will become paralyzed by the fear of a Goliath standing in front of us that we will think we will not be able to even reach down and pick up a rock.  I want to know that you have this one as a reminder for me whenever I call and can’t find a rock near.

I felt so honored to be entrusted with the keeping of a rock for her.  There have been times that she has called over the years standing in the shadow of a Goliath and I have offered to send it to her.  Each time I can hear a small smile in her voice as she says “not yet”.  Then I feel the strength flow through her as she refocuses on God as her true ROCK and battles that Goliath because with God the impossible is possible.

This rock will forever have a place on my shelf until Susie ask for it back.  Which I hope she never does!
Not only is it a reminder for her but also for me!  God alone is our Rock. (Psalm 18:2)

So what about you?  Are you holding a rock (tangible or not) for someone?  Someone that you can remind when the shadows of a Goliath are blocking out the Son that whatever this thing is it is not bigger than your ROCK? Are you holding a rock for them during the times when they can’t seem to find one to pick up themselves?

I want to encourage you to do two things.

First, be that type of friend that will be entrusted to hold a rock for someone.  Then do it.

Second, pray that God will show you friends that are willing to hold a rock for you. Then place a rock in their hands to hold for you.

Although I have in my possession a rock for another I, myself, am taking this challenge.  Asking God to show me who can hold a rock for me.  We all need someone to be there when we can’t seem to reach down and find a rock to strike down a Goliath.

Stepping from the Shadows,