Friday, November 4, 2011

Second-hand or Active Participant?

Many of you know Greenwood is a football town (ok that’s an understatement) and me having two boys, well, I’m a football mom.  We, along with many of you, attend the games and cheer our team on with great enthusiasm. 
On one particular evening, my parents met us for one of the games and even brought a friend with them.  Now this lady is a BIG sports fan.  She will talk with you about any sport, especially if the Razorbacks are involved.  She is very opinionated when it comes to a favored team and she follows them regularly. 

Ok I know, you are saying what’s the big deal with that?  Don’t we have lots of women around our town that are just as big a fan?  Yes, we do but here is the deal.  This lady who is in her mid 60’s had never until that night ever been a witness to a live football game.  She had never sat in the stands with hundreds of other fans cheering her team to victory.  The only experience she had was second hand through a TV or radio.  That night she lived it.  She actively participated and found a thrill that she had been missing when sitting in her own living room during a game. 

As I left that stadium and even until now, I kept thinking about how so many times we live our Christian life second-handedly never experiencing the real life in Christ.  Sometimes we might grow accustom to our “living room” and choose to not participate in worship, a bible study or true freedom from strongholds because we’ve accepted that’s how life is.  Oh but Christ promises so much more if we experience Him and take an active part.

Are you an active participant or do you settle for second-hand?

Stepping from the shadows,