About Cynthia

Hide and Seek...I loved to play that game as a little girl.  My favorite role was not as the seeker but as the one that hid.  Little did I know that that game and role would carry over into the rest of my life.

Looking back on my life I see where so many times I hid behind something...the broad shoulders of my father...the strength of my mother...the outgoing nature of my husband...but most of all the stronghold of insecurities I had packaged within my own thoughts.

But God...He started gently pulling me from the shadows from which I was hiding.  As He placed His arms around me and eased my steps to the full light of His Word I began to trust Him more and became closer to finding out who I was in Him.  Now I am running fully in His light...twirling around with arms wide open soaking in the radiant beams of His love for me.  Basking in the Son and letting Him shine through me to discover each day what He has in store for me and who I am in Him.

Although those shadows still beckon at times, I know that if I adjust my gaze on Him the shadows will remain behind me. 

So Who am I?

A simple girl with simple dreams from the river valley of Arkansas. 

I've been married to my hillbilly husband of 28 years this December.  We have learned so much about this thing called marriage and I am so glad we haven't caved to the world's options.  I can honestly tell you that my love grows more and more deeply for this man God has given me. Together we have just entered into the empty nest season of life. 

I am mother to two incredible sons who are my delight.  I love being a mom of boys and ALL it entails.  From smelly football gear to man-child jokes, these guys keep me on my toes and smiles on my face.  I'll take those smile wrinkles anytime!!!

I love old classic movies like Singing in the Rain and Sound of Music, sitting by the lake at dusk, watching deer play in the backyard, playing games with the family, regular Coca-Cola, Sunday afternoon naps and a good bike ride with my friend Kim.

I have been on a women's leadership team for 12 years, 6 of those as women's ministry director.  God has given me a deep passion for women's ministry and I want to share what He has taught and is still teaching me with others.

I am also an internet radio host on My Journey of Faith.

My vision is to share the love of God's Word with enthusiasm and excitement with the women that God places in my path. It is such an exciting journey and to have the chance to see women capture His love and greatness makes my heart sing!