Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking for Bread Crumbs???

As a child I loved the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Now let me tell you...that is very odd because as a child I was NOT the adventurous type.
I mean really, two kids going out into the dark scary forest and leaving a trail of bread crumbs to find their way home? Nope wasn't happening with this girl!

The story during that time of my life was exactly that...a story.  Full of things that I wouldn't dare do on my own because you know good and well my mind thought I would run into that witch and be trapped so why not let those kids just do it.

Now that I am older the adventurer in me has surfaced a little more.  I love stepping out and finding things...OK maybe not in the dark outside but I do love seeking stuff.

Maybe that is what drew me to read the book, "Chasing God" by Angie Smith.

At one point she talks about Thomas wanting to see the nail scarred hands and needing to place his hand in those of the Lord.  She even discusses Thomas' question, "how do we know where you are going?"

Let me share with you what Angie says about Jesus saying "Follow Me."  "I am the way".

"Which is why the Lord explains that He is the way, because our eyes shouldn't be on the ground, looking for bread crumbs that lead to Him.  Because if they are, they aren't beholding that for which they were created to see:  Him."

My thoughts swirled with these thoughts.

How often am I dropping bread crumbs to get back to where I was?
Do I spend more time looking down for those bread crumbs and not looking up at The One who blessed the bread to feed the multitude...even me?

I want to be that adventurer but not one that steps out with a back up plan.  Rather one that is led by the Spirit where my trust is without borders or bread crumbs.  I don't want to chase God. I want to abide in Him.

How about you?