Speaking Topics

Enjoying His Presence

Many times we plan our lives then ask God to show up.  In a period of life where time is crucial, women are being pulled in so many directions but they want to know how can they experience God's presence. 
This session will:
* Encourage women to seek God's presence first through scriptures and prayer. 
* Inspire and Empower women with practical ways to witness His presence their life by looking into God's design of the Temple.
* Cultivate an extra-ordinary atmosphere in our lives to experience Him. 

Rain or Shine Friend

Loneliness is an epidemic with many women today.  With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives we have found ourselves more alone crying out for a friend.  In the Book of John chapter 15 Jesus tells us he is our rain or shine friend.  During this session we will look into the life of Mary sister of Lazarus and discover how Jesus proved to be a true rain or shine friend.

Living the Life of Expecting (This is a great retreat topic)

What do Rahab and Elijah have in common?  They both lived a life of expecting.  There are such valuable lessons we can learn for the Hebrew word Tiqvah which is translated into our English expect.
Women attending this session will learn how to expect God:
*attach themselves to God with expectation
* silently
* through distractions
* through God's movements 
*and even through His Return. 

When Women Gather.
Hollywood and the entire secular world tells us that when women gather nothing good can come out of it.  But the Bible shows us that when women gather hearts can be cultivated into teachable hearts ready to hear from God.
Women attending this session will:
*  Explore a group of women in the Bible that gathered with intentionality.
* Be encouraged through that group of women to be inviting to other women
* Inspire women to consider ways that our lives naturally intersect with others and have an opportunity to be a blessing as well as being blessed.

Dwell and Delight:
Living amidst Your Giants while Delighting in the LORD.
(This is a great retreat topic)

We all have them, those giants in our lives.  Those evil doers or oppressing things in our lives that seem to overshadow us...whether it be in our homes, schools, work place and yes sadly even in our churches.  Many times we pray that God will move us, allow us to jump ship to pack our bags for the greener grass.  But God does not always answer that prayer the way we wish, instead He calls us to delight in Him.  To lean on Him and let Him restore your joy no matter the situation.

Topics may also be developed for your event.