Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time for Pondering

Have you ever had those times where you've had something to share but you just didn't know how?

You hear God's voice softly speaking to your soul but to type it out the words, well they just wouldn't flow?

That's how I have been lately.  Listening to God, overflowing with His richness but just not knowing how to put it in words.  Every time I would begin to sit down to share, the words just wouldn't flow from my brain to my fingertips.  I think God wanted the words He was giving me to settle deep in my heart, His words to become my heart beat.  Although we are to share what God has and is doing in and through us I think there are times He says ponder this a while.

These times of pondering have be wonderful for my soul.  Refreshing times have been enjoyed as I let His word replenish in my time of quiet reflecting.  But now...

Now I think it is time for the quiet to be over.  Now is the time to allow the words to flow again from my fingertips to page.  Now is the time to let go and let God have free reign over my writing and ministry. 

I can't wait to see what He has in store from this time of reflecting!



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