Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Line is it?

Have you ever walked, ran, biked, swam or what ever you do in a race?
You see that line ahead that is your main goal for crossing. 
Yes the one that says,

"Cynthia, you can now stop punishing yourself.  You are done!" 
Oh that wonderful line that once in sight makes you sigh with relief.  That marvelous spot that some how pumps out a few more drops of adrenaline and speeds you up even in the slightest bit.

That favorite line called the FINISH LINE.

Now don't get me wrong, this ole gal doesn't see those type of lines often.  I really can only say I have seen maybe enough to count on one hand.  But I have seen finish lines on projects and other types of life events where finish lines have been crossed.
BUT have you ever considered another line in the spiritual realm?

I sat in a class recently and heard the speaker talk about our salvation experience.  He shared that in his findings, that many Christians view their salvation experience...saying the prayer to accept God as their a crossing the finish line. That final lunge for the ribbon, the cry of victory then the sitting down to rest.

Is it really that?  A finish line? Or could it actually be a STARTING line?

What? Wait a minute, are you telling me that I have to START again?

Well YES! 
Jesus invites us to join Him on an amazing race.  One that requires us to walk through His Kingdom with Him. We are not to kick back and rest once we accept Him as The LORD of our lives. Rather we are to place each new step of ours next to the Saviors. A race to make God's name famous and reach all the nations.  A race to share the love of God to all the world so that no one is lost forever.

Jesus didn't just invite us into his kingdom he also invited us to share his kingdom.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, what line was that you crossed?  Was it to you a finish line or a start line?

If you first thought it was the finish line it is never to late to change it to a STARTING line!

Let's join together to start the race of making HIS name FAMOUS!!!!

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